When learning to buckle your carrier practice with a doll, then have an adult to help you when you tie it on with your baby till you master it. Do it by the couch or other soft surface when you try it with your baby. Check the steps in a mirror. Always keep one hand on your baby when putting in or taking out of the carrier and support baby when you bend over.

Do not run, jump or excersize when wearing your baby in a carrier.

Always check your carrier before using for any signs of damage or wear and stop using when you find any. These carriers are made of fabrics. All fabrics breaks down with use and washing which you can delay with proper care, but can't stop completely. Think about your favorite jeans! Fabric carriers are not a hand me down baby items.
Be aware of your surroundings! Baby can grab and pull down things, stick arms/legs out and bump them in doorways, furnitures.

Please be cautions and use extreme care when putting your baby in the carrier and while wearing it. Roll up all hanging extra webbing and secure with the elastic. Tuck away extra hanging straps on the hood and always tie or clip the strap to the hood loop on the shoulders when the hood is in use! 

Always make sure baby is not smushed against your chest or back, and has adequate airflow.
Please always use common sense when wearing your baby. Safety is your responsibility.






BACK CARRY using a bench or couch:

The back carry is good for babies with headcontroll.I recommend enlisting the help of an adult the first few times you attempt the back carry position. Try on the carrier, adjust waist to your size, buckle shoulders, left to left, right to right side.
To remove the baby and carrier, ask an adult to help, or sit on a soft surface, unbuckle the chest          strap and lower baby in a laying position. Don't lay baby down to sleep in the carrier or allow them to play with it when not in use!



BACK CARRY for toddlers:

Only for toddlers who are able to stand up by themselves and willing to participate.



To the full extent permissible by applicable law, I disclaim all warranties, express or implied. Use this product is at your own risk. Purchaser or user  is solely responsible for any and all injuries that result from use or misuse of the Bamberoo Mei Tai carriers.

The Bamberoo SSC is made of high quality materials, with sturdy construction. Please follow instructions before attempt to use the carrier. The user is solely responsible for the safety of themselves and those individuals under their care using the products.
This carrier can not be used while driving/riding any vehicles, cooking, sporting, swimming, diving, sleeping, handling hot liquids/chemicals. This list cannot possibly include warnings about all the things a person might absent-mindedly do. This carrier is not intended to replace any safety device required by law and will not protect your child in any way. This carrier is safe as long as you follow instructions and use common sense. Always apply sunscreen to body parts exposed to the sun, preferably to the whole body while using the solarveil hooded carrier outside.

Do not alter!
Please examine carrier before each use and discontinue using if it's damaged. Please exercise extreme care and caution while wearing your baby! By purchasing the Bamberoo Mei Tai you assume responsibility for the safety of your child. I assume no responsibility for the misuse of or occurrences related to the misuse of this carrier.
If you do not agree to these terms please do not buy this carrier.