Available styles

Full wrap conversion



Any suitable wrap can be used as a decorative layer over the light twill (6.5oz) skeleton. All twill layers must stay in place, no layers can be removed in place of a wrap layer with the exception of the hood, which will be 2 layers of wrap only, no twill inside. The hood is not required to be tested by the lab, so it can be 2 layer flat or shaped hood. 

Material needed;

3.5m, a size 4 wrap enough for all standard features. In case the wrap has a large scale pattern with long repeats and it must be centered and/or lined up, or certain colors should be avoided on a striped wrap, I’ll need more. I can work with a 3m if placement not very specific and no need for drool pads.

Half wrap conversion



The half conversion has 1 single layer of  6.5oz twill in between the front and back layers. The front being the fancy wrap sent in, the back layer is the organic cotton solid color wrap, Colimacon et Cie.

The hood is not subject to testing, only the plastic parts, so the hood of course just like before is still made of 2 layers of your wrap. 

Material needed;

 The bare minimum is 1.6m for a half conversion in smaller sizes. The entire back made of the solid color C&C wrap, but the dual sided hood would be included. For large sizes I need at least 1.8m. For dual sided shoulders (both sides of the shoulders made of the fancy wrap sent in) I need at least 2m for smaller sizes and 2.2m for larger sizes. Please keep in mind, the width of the wraps varies greatly and affects material requirements.




Straps and frames are brushed canvas, the decoration can be any cotton print. The double layer breezy, mesh material used, allows air flowing through and keep baby more comfortable in the summer.

Material needed; 

1/2 yard of the print without drool pads, or 1 yard with them. Most quilter's cotton is suitable. Some decorator's weight cotton is fine, just make sure it doesn't have a protective surface coating. 


Girasol conversions



What separates this from the full wrap conversion using the twill skeleton is, that it has a wrap inner layer. This version was separately tested to offer a light and soft option! AVAILABLE TIL OCTOBER 2018! After that date all Girasol will be converted as full or half conversions. The wrap must be twill weave and new with tags. Other Girasol weaves or wraps without tags must use the skeleton inside. 

International orders made of any kind of wraps are done like the Girasol, with a single twill internal layer, (wrap inner layer in the body if needed) not using the skeleton. If you want the added support of the skeleton for a toddler size carrier, please mention it!