Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options to buy a Bamberoo?

Custom carriers are made of your material to your specifications. 

Semi customs are available in the Etsy store, they are custom made of instock Girasol wraps to your size with the details you choose. 

How can I get a custom spot?

Customs spots are listed the first day of each month in the Etsy store. Occasionally Fast Track spots are listed at the same place for customers who has the material on hand and ready to send it right away.

All listings are announced on the Bamberoo Facebook page a few days in advance. A number of spots are available through the Bamberoo Love Facebook page as well. It's always worth to follow both pages, you never know when the spot fairy spots you!

Bamberoo Facebook page;

Bamberoo Love chatter page on Facebook

What is the turnaround time?

Counting from the time I have the material and all details together, approximately 3 weeks. It always depends on my current workload at the time. It can be shorter, but on some occasion more wraps reach me at the same time and I need more time to complete the orders on the end of the line. It's hard to balance the flow of wraps! 

How much does it cost?

The custom carriers start at $245.00. That includes custom body size, strap length, straight top, hood, leg padding. Some details are extra, like drool pads, combo waist, curved top, C&C, chevron cut, design on the hood...etc

Who makes my carrier?

Your carrier will be sewn by me, my name is Edit, located in sunny Las Vegas, NV. 

I started making hip and Meh Dai -then Mei Tai- carriers when my first baby was tiny, in 2003. I couldn't be as efficient  without my husband's help, who takes care of things I used to do and does most of the shipping, cutting/sealing  webbing, cutting elastics, foam and fix my machinery.

How do I wash my carrier?

Machine wash on cold, separately on gentle cycle with mild detergent. Remove the carrier from the washing machine as soon as the cycle is done. Mesh bag is recommended to avoid tangling, twisting of the straps. 

Do not bleach or dry clean. Spot clean with a cloth or sponge between machine washings. 

Drip dry only, do not use a dryer. 

Do not iron the webbing and tags, use warm iron on the fabric materials only.

Check to assure all fabrics, buckles, snaps, straps and adjustments are intact and discontinue to use if it's damaged.

In case your custom carrier is made of wool or silk, please follow washing instructions of those fibers very closely.

Are Bamberoos compliant?

 Yes they are. Bamberoos are tested to the current US  ASTM standards and CPSIA regulations. They meet and exceed standards when used according to instructions.  

What kind of material are used making the carriers?

The Bamberoo soft structured carriers are made of high quality materials made in the US and lack of better source, some made outside of the US. 

All buckles are tested for strength  by the manufacturer and for lead by a US lab. They are certified again by another lab who does the testing for the ASTM standards.

The inner supporting material is 6.5oz cotton twill.

Half wrap conversions use a solid color organic wrap material on the reverse side. This fabric is from the French company, Colimacon et Cie. It's 100% organic cotton, prewashed by me before use in Free and Clear detergent.

The thread is strong 100% polyester Guttermann thread from Germany through a US sewing supply company. 

Are there any accessories available?

Yes, drool pads, toy/pacifier straps, lanyards, wristlets and key fobs are available with your wrap conversion or separately. 

Do I get my remnant and scraps back?

Yes, all of it! They always ship back with the finished carrier. I only throw away the tiny pieces, but upon request I can collect them all.

What is the return policy?

 I can't accept return on custom and semi custom carriers!

If  you are not satisfied with your instock Bamberoo carrier, please contact me.  I'll do my best to resolve the situation. I accept returns within 7 days  after receiving carrier in clean and unused, unwashed condition in  original packaging from the original buyer. I refund the purchase price  minus 10% restocking fee. (shipping is not refundable). Please contact me  before returning for authorization.

Is there any warranty?

 Within  one year after purchase, I repair your carrier if needed. The warranty  does not cover normal wear and tear or anything that might happen to the  custom fabric provided by the customer. Warranty applies to  construction work and fabrics provided by me. After the first year I do  the repair for a small charge. Shipping is paid by the customer.