Front Carry



Examine the carrier before each use to make sure all seams, straps and buckles are intact and safe to use. Buckle the waistband, make sure you hear the click, so the buckle is properly engaged. Adjust the waistband to a comfortable snug position by pulling on the webbing. 



Pick up your baby, hold against your chest, tummy to tummy, legs spread around your waist. Until you master it, it's easier to do this while sitting.



Keep holding your baby with one hand, while with the other hand pull the body of the carrier up between your baby's legs, over her back. Grab both shoulder straps firmly and carefully bounce her down in the seat. 



While holding your baby with one hand, put one arm though the shoulder strap and pull it up on your shoulder. Switch supporting hands and pull the other shoulder strap onto your shoulder. By slowly pulling on the webbing under your arms on each side, adjust the shoulder straps to the most comfortable snug position. 



Reach back and buckle the sternum strap. By pulling on the long side strap, adjust it to your size. Make sure the buckle is properly engaged. Never leave the sternum strap unbuckled, this holds the shoulder straps safely on your shoulders. Missing this step might result in injury. 



Once more pull on the webbings to make sure all buckles are properly engaged. Tuck away all hanging webbings or keep them rolled and secured with the elastics on them. Make sure your baby is sitting comfortably and has adequate airflow!



*Read all instructions and warnings before using the soft structured carrier.

*Keep instructions for future use.

*Check to assure all buckles, snaps, straps and adjustments are secure before each use.

*Check for ripped seams, torn straps or fabric and damaged fasteners before each use.

*Ensure proper placement of child in product including leg placement.

*Child must face you at all times.

*Premature infants, infants with respiratory problems and infants under 4 month are at greater risk of suffocation. Do not use this carrier under 4 month and under 15 lbs. 

*Never use a soft carrier when balance or mobility is impared.

*Never use a soft carrier while engaging in activities such as cooking and cleaning which involve a heat source or exposure to chemicals.

* Never use a soft carrier while driving or being a passenger in a motor vehicle. 

*Do not sleep with the carrier attached to you with your child in it.

*Never put down a sleeping baby in the carrier, remove it completely.

*Keep it away from children when not in use.

*This carrier is not intended to replace any safety device required by law and will not protect your child in any way. 


When learning to wear your carrier, practice with a doll or have an adult to help you. Support your baby at all times and when bending forward while wearing. Be aware of your surroundings. Baby can grab things, stick arms or legs out and bump into objects. Tuck away the extra hanging webbing. Always make sure the baby is not smushed against your chest and has adequate airflow.

Only for adult use!

Do not use it with an uncooperative child. Please excercize extreme caution while wearing your baby!